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Africa is a multi-ethnic society with over 2,511 ethnic groups. This has influenced  the mode of  existence, identification and life of the people.  These differences also account for the social, political, economic and cultural attitude of  Africans, be it Kikuyus or Luos (Kenya), Tivs and not Ibos (Nigeria),  Bembas and not Mendes (Ghana).  There has also been inter-civilisation encounters, of the African Civilisation with European, Arab and Asian civilisations, especially  French, English and Portuguese.

At the religious level, the coexistence of Christianity, Islam and African traditional religious  has demonstrated Africaness in diversity .  These diversities have influenced social trends, political affiliations and even public relations. For example, opportunities in public places are often based on tribal, cultural and religious affiliations other than merit.

This diversity has been exploited by selfish political elite to cause conflicts and civil wars in  Africa by manipulating one ethnic, religious and cultural group against another.

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