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The international Caravan for Sustainable Peace, Democracy and Regional Integration in West Africa will draw selected youths from the participating countries to Nigeria from where the Caracan will proceed to the rest of the participating countries. Participants will then experience several aspects of their continent first hand.


duration of the project: 3years (2000-2003)
phase of the programm: three
preparatory phase -> October 2001 - October 2002
Peace Caravan -> November 2002 - March 2003
Sub-regional conference -> May 2003 - August 2003

PEACE CARAVAN ROUTE :  Benin Republic, Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana (West Africa).


A Giant Cultural Sociaty

Africa is a multi-ethnic society with over 2,511 ethnic groups. This has influenced  the mode of  existence, identification and life of the people.  These differences also account for the social, political, economic and cultural attitude of  Africans, where ever they may be found on our vast continent.  There has also been inter-civilisation encounters, of the African Civilisation with European, Arab and Asian civilisations, especially  French, English and Portuguese.

The West African Peace Caravan hopes to provide participating youths from the countries of Benin Republic, Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Cote d´Ivoire and Ghana with vistas of the varying cultures and people of the West African sup-region. Inviting them to contemplate and work out modalities towards making African a regionof peace and tolerance; and democracy and development.


While going from country to country, the International Caravan for Sustainable Peace, Democracy and regional Intergaration in West Africa will uphold these objectives

  • To promote regional intergration.
  • To empower African youth with the skills and tools of dialogue and conflict prevention and management.
  • To promote cultural and inter-religious exchanges.
  • To establish national and regional Ibter-religious and Inter-cultural Youth Networks.
  • To disseminate the massage of unity of the African Union.
  • The celebrate the unique character and beauty of the different faiths and cultures in Africa

The Caravan activities will include:

  1. Releasing of peace doves and planting of peace tress in each country
  2. Conferences to be held in each country
  3. Promotion of inter-cultural understanding and peace
  4. An appraisal of the justice and cultural system of all communities to be evaluated
  5. Immersion of participants in the cultures of the countries they will be passing through
  6. Cultural activities i.e. dramas, storytelling, riddles and dance among others
  7. Home stays during the caravan, home stays are being planned to expose the participants to the rich African culture of other group


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